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No Pain Gel Stain (Oil-Based) by Dixie Belle

No Pain Gel Stain (Oil-Based) by Dixie Belle

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No Pain Gel Stain is an oil-based gel stain that provides deep and rich coverage for furniture surfaces.  Available in 8 colors, No Pain Gel Stain will provide a variety of different looks to your furniture; all while allowing the beauty of the natural wood grain to shine thru.

Apply one or more than one coat for a darker finish.

Please note: Our No Pain Gel Stain is oil based, and will require additional dry time.

  • Stain can be applied with a lint-free cloth, paint brush or applicator pad.
  • Allow 72 hours before staining on fresh paint.
  • Apply stain and wipe back excess.
  • Provides deep, full coverage.


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