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Patina Spray by Dixie Belle

Patina Spray by Dixie Belle

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When it comes to upcycling furniture and achieving a faux metal look, our Patina Spray is a game-changer. Designed to be used in conjunction with our Patina Paint, it effortlessly transforms ordinary pieces into rustic, crusty metal look-a-likes. The combination of Patina Spray and Patina Paint creates a fun and unique faux metal effect that adds character and charm to your furniture.

Our Patina Spray comes in an 8 oz container, providing ample product to bring your creative vision to life. To activate the Iron Patina Paint and achieve the desired effect, simply use the Green or Yellow Spray. This powerful combination unlocks the magic of transforming your furniture into eye-catching pieces with an authentic-looking patina. Whether you're upcycling an old chair or revamping a metal table, our Patina Spray and Paint offer a convenient and effective solution for achieving a stunning faux metal finish.

Experience the innovation and quality that our paint company brings to the world of upcycling furniture. With our Patina Spray and Patina Paint, you can unleash your creativity and create one-of-a-kind pieces that capture the rustic beauty of aged metal. Let our products inspire your next upcycling project as you transform everyday furniture into remarkable works of art.

After each use, be sure to rinse out the spray nozzle thoroughly and seal the container with the cap. Do not store the nozzle inside the spray

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