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Custom Beachcicle

Custom Beachcicle

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*Mail or hand deliver your sand to Eclectic at 1200 Coastal Hwy, Fenwick Island, DE 19944 along with your name, address, telephone and email address.  (See below for mailing details.)

*Upon receipt we will contact you then invoice $18.95 each for a minimum purchase of 4 Beachcicles plus postage and handling.  Upon payment, you’ll receive your Beachicles In 2-4 weeks!

For more information:

FAQs/Mailing Details:

?  How much sand?  One teaspoon ONLY per Beachcicle, any extra sand will be returned with your order.

?  How should I mail sand?:  In a business size envelope.  Put your sand only (no shells, stones, just sand!) in the smallest sealable zip bag, flatten the sand to get the air out, then seal. Now do the same after placing that first bag into a second sealable bag—tape this flat to an index card or a regular card (we love greetings!) with your name, address telephone & email.  You now have a secure mailer! 

?  What if my sand is still wet?  It’s OK!  We know sand and sterilize before adding it to your Beachcicles(s)!  Just follow the mailing/sealing details above.


It takes just a bit of sand for a Beachicle but please be mindful how you collect your sand so as not to disrupt sea life.  Also note that there are beaches where it is illegal to remove sand.

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